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Patricia  R o p o h l , nee Bray
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Mobiles from reUse and other preciosities //
Móviles de derrelijo y otras preciosidades //
Mobiles aus und mit Strandgut,Wertlosem, und anderen Preziositäten //

Looking Forward

01-30 May 2020    Group Exhibition "Paper Traces"

Exploring the social, historical & political importance of paper in art, through art.

Casa de Cultura Calpe

02-30 August 2019    
Group Exhibition "Imperfectas Perfecciones"  
                              Sala de exposiciones Ayuntament Veil,  Casco Antiguo  Francisco Zaragoza 2   CALPE Spain

                                                                                             horas:  10:30 -13:00   18:00 - 22:00   cerrado lunes y martes

Imperfect Perfection

The creative process is a constant struggle to reach a feeling of perfection.
It goes hand in hand with the effort of being an artist.
Even the greatest masters feel the angst and joy
of the process. No painting or sculpture is ever finished; there can always be
another stroke of paint added,another hunk of clay taken away.
A purely intuitive and personal response tells the artist that
a piece is finished, and recognises that the imperfect is an integral
element of the perfect.   

P.Bray Ropohl
members of "Colectiva 20/20" in  Denia   photo by Judith Verheij