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  Patricia Helene Ropohl, nee. Bray

  Born in London Ont., Canada,

     HB Beal Technical School of the Arts
     Honours graduate, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto Canada;
     Fine Art Studies in Florence, Italy

     Lives and works between Spain, Canada & the United States
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There are almost as many ways to approach a painting as there are artists. Tim Eitel, the
young German artist who lives and paints in Paris and Berlin addressed this notion with a sense of
concern. He believes that through Internet, alternative ideas within the arts are quickly assimilated
into the mainstream. There is no time for a subculture any longer.
Today there is a larger than ever acceptance of the arts but, within that, lays a potential problem:
“anything goes” and thus, art is susceptible to losing in part, its seriousness.

Jacobo Siruela, writer and editor at ATALANTA in Girona Spain, believes that a new set of
mythologies, relevant to our contemporary world is needed in order to create a base from which we
determine our values and behaviour. These mythologies he believes can only be created through our
I have always addressed the question of relevancy within my painting. It’s an issue that occupies my
thinking each time I begin a new piece. Do I achieve and maintain what is deemed to have them
taken seriously? Will anything I paint be good enough to have the honour of standing along side
works of art that build our new mythologies? It’s a difficult set of parameters to work within, but the
only ones worth creating for.

Plato wrote that the beginning is the most important part of any work. Without beginning, there is
nothing, and the bare canvas is both intimidating and exciting. The paint brush is an extension of
oneself, of ones soul, and you have to let go when you start to paint. With the first brush stroke, the
expression of ideas executed by ‘letting go’ can change the course of initial intent. It explains the
meaning behind Lucian Freud’s comment “I paint what I can, not what I want”. Despite the highs, self
doubt and disappointment that are constant companions for an artist; it’s simply part of the process.

I read that, ‘once a painting is finished, it no longer belongs to the artist alone but rather to the world,’
a notion I accept as my own.

Patricia has worked and experimented within a myriad of art forms including
graphic  design, furniture design, sculpture, ceramics, illustration & painting
         Solo Exhibitions

2015        Arts & Humanitas eV.,  Hamburg, Germany
2014        Orange Gallery, Jalon, Spain
2013        Temps, Benissa, Spain
2011        Centro de Cultura, Benissa, Spain
2010        Atelier Piana, Calpe, Spain
2009        Solo Exhibition CASA BAJA Pedramala (Alicante) Spain
2008        Open Studio, Benissa, Spain
2008        Mas la Pau, Lliber, Spain
2008        SEU Universidad Alicante, Benissa, Spain
2007        Temps, Benissa, Spain

     Group Exhibitions

2018        3 Facetten Der Kunst, Galerie am Lindenhof,  Zürich Switzerland
2018        Amelia Island juried outdoor exhibition, Florida USA
2017        Sea Art(e), GAB, Calpe, Spain
2017        Amelia Island juried outdoor exhibition, Florida USA
2016        Galeria La Quimera, Calpe, Spain
2016        Amelia Island juried outdoor exhibition, Florida USA
2015        The Art of Sound, GAB,  Taller d'Ivars Benissa, Spain
2015        Amelia Island juried outdoor exhibition, Florida USA
2014        Art al Ras, GAB,  Benissa, Spain
2014        Arte Pequeno/ Grande, GAB Taller d'Ivars, Benissa Spain
2013        Metamorfosis, GAB, SEU Uni-Alicante Benissa, Spain  
2012        ´al Marge´ Espai, Jávea, Spain
2003        All About Art, San Diego CA. USA


2018        4th place award Calpe juried out-door competition
2018        Award of Merit  Island Art Assoc. Outdoor Festival, Amelia IS FL USA
2017        3rd place Island Art Assoc. Outdoor Festival, Amelia IS FL USA
2016        jury selection, Island Art Assoc. Outdoor Festival, Amelia IS FL USA
2015        jury selection, Island Art Assoc. Outdoor Festival, Amelia IS FL USA

Paintings & sculptures are in private collections throughout Europe, North America, Singapore & India